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Wynns injector cleaner diesel 325ml

Wynns injector cleaner diesel 325ml

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In order for a vehicle to perform as it was intended, it is essential that the injectors remain clean and free of build-up. Deposits on the fuel injectors can accumulate rapidly due to poor diesel fuel quality. These deposits can adversely affect the ideal spray pattern from the injector nozzle, which is essential for optimum vehicle performance. These build-ups directly affect the engine power, fuel consumption, emissions (black smoke) and the general performance of the vehicle. Wynn’s Diesel Injector Cleaner has been formulated to clean dirty injectors and provide the following benefits:

Features & Benefits:
Fast acting concentrated Diesel Injector Cleaner
Reduces harmful black exhaust emissions
Improves engine performance & Lowers Fuel Consumption
Suitable for Common Rail & Indirect Injection Systems, Bio-Diesel & Safe for DPF & other emission controls
Prevents deposits forming for up to 5,000km

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