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Wynns injector cleaner 325ml

Wynns injector cleaner 325ml

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During every day driving deposits form on the tips of fuel injectors. These deposits can adversely affect the ideal spray pattern from the injector nozzle, which is essential for optimum vehicle performance. Deposits are particularly troublesome in today’s city & stop start driving environments, with the result being dirty injectors, irregular idling, loss of power, difficult cold start. These deposits can start to occur after only 2,400 km’s of driving. Wynn’s Petrol Injector Cleaner has been formulated to clean dirty injectors and provide the following benefits:

Features & Benefits:
Fast acting concentrated Petrol Injector Cleaner
Easy to use, one shot treatment
Cleans injectors as you drive
Improves engine performance & lowers fuel consumption
Suitable for Conventional & Direct Injection systems including Turbo Charged
Catalytic converter, oxygen sensor & E10 safe
Prevents deposits forming for up to 5,000km

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