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Wynns engine tune-up 325ml

Wynns engine tune-up 325ml

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Valves must open and close with proper timing to maintain engine performance. Smooth operation of the valve lifters is critical to this function. Oil-filled hydraulic valve lifters can become noisy if the oil feed to the hydraulic lifter is blocked. Deposits and oil contamination can cause sticking parts and noisy lifter (ticking) operation. Wynn’s Engine Tune-Up & Oil Stabiliser is an oil additive, specially formulated to help dissolve these deposits that impede oil flow and lifter operation to restore engine performance and power. The Oil Stabiliser extends oil life by preventing oil oxidation and premature thickening of the oil.

Features & Benefits:
Quietens noisy valve lifters & reduces ticking noise on start-up
Prevents formation of black sludge and deposits
Prevents oxidation and premature thickening of the oil
Compatible with all mineral & synthetic oils
Recommended for Petrol & LPG engines, safe for Catalytic Converters, DPF & other emission controls
Suitable for Diesel Engines to extend oil life

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