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Wynns engine treatment 325ml

Wynns engine treatment 325ml

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As the kilometres increase on your car wear and tear on engine components is a common theme.

Worn piston rings can cause oil by-pass to the combustion chamber where it will burn causing exhaust smoke & increase oil consumption.

Wynn’s 100,000km + Engine Treatment has been formulated with chemical polymers and viscosity index improvers to increase the thermo stability of the oil over a broad range of operating temperatures. This improves sealing between the piston ring and cylinder wall as well as taking up slight wear between valves and guides, the most common oil loss areas. Due to the feature of high temperature viscosity improvement, oil loss around main oil seals is also reduced.

Features & Benefits:
Reduces exhaust smoke, oil consumption, engine noise & wear
Restores compression & engine performance
Neutralises acids formed by combustion blow-by
Compatible with all mineral & synthetic oils
Recommended for Petrol, Diesel & LPG engines, safe for Catalytic Converters, DPF & other emission controls

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