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Wynns engine stopleak 325ml

Wynns engine stopleak 325ml

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Proper engine lubrication is essential for a reliable, well-running vehicle. If you notice black oil stains on the floor of your garage or driveway you know you have a problem! Minor oil leaks have the potential to become a major problem if not fixed. Two of the most common causes of rapid oil loss are external oil leaks and internal oil consumption. Wynn’s Engine Stop Leak has an improved, dual action formula that reduces oil loss caused by both internal consumption and external leaks. This formulation improves the viscosity index and high temperature viscosity, controlling internal oil consumption while it conditions and gently softens rubber seals and gaskets to stop and prevent external oil leaks.

Features & Benefits:
Prevents messy oil stains
Rejuvenates dried shrunken rubber seals, gaskets & O-rings
Stops & prevents leaks
Compatible with all mineral & synthetic oils
Recommended for Petrol, Diesel & LPG engines, safe for Catalytic Converters, DPF & other emission controls

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