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VHT Quick coat enamel - Bright Yellow

VHT Quick coat enamel - Bright Yellow

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VHT Quick Coat™ Enamel is a premium quality coating, which provides extra hide and durability for interior or exterior applications. This tough and durable coating prevents rust and corrosion on properly prepared surfaces, is fast drying, lead free and ozone safe. VHT Quick Coat™ Enamel provides a rich weather resistant gloss finish to wood, metal, sealed plaster and masonry surfaces.

Temperature: n/a

Applications: Tools, Wood, Household Projects

Finish: Satin, Gloss and Flat

Dry Time: Dries to the touch in 30 mins. Dries thoroughly overnight. No curing required.

Coating System
VHT provides a multi-high performance coating system for the ultimate in protection and quality. This system includes surface preparation, prime, paint and clear coat.
Prep SP445 Prep Spray
Prime SPXXX Prime Coat™ Color
Coat SPXXX Quick Coat™ Color
Clear SPXXX Quick Coat™ Clear

This Listing: Black Satin

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