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Sealwell Powder

Sealwell Powder

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Sealwell powder just add water shake and pour

4 cylinder 1 pot
6 cylinder 2 pots
8 cylinder 3 pots

SealWel cleans, seals and lubricates entire water-based cooling systems while driving, including radiators, and is ideal for stopping leaks.

External leaks – internal leaks – even those difficult oil/water leaks are quickly and efficiently stopped by SealWel. OK with antifreeze.
Unlike most other engine sealants, Sealwel does NOT require system to be drained of antifreeze etc.


First a cleaning process occurs. Rust and scale are removed, leaving a clean area for SealWel to make the necessary repair.
After cleaning, the repair material builds up to line the leaking area and reduce the leakage.
Finally a layer of material is formed over the leak, completely sealing it.

SealWel stays in the cooling system, acting as an anti-corrosion agent and lubricant. It keeps moving parts such as water pumps, thermostats, heater valves etc. working freely without stress or strain.

Remember SealWel cleans as it seals as you drive, providing protection against rust, corrosion, leaks and seepage. Don’t settle for anything less.

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