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CRC RE-PO cream polish

CRC RE-PO cream polish

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CRC RE-PO cream polish 250gm can

Repo Cream Polish improves visual appearance and provides outstanding protection for new and well kept vehicles with paintwork in good condition. Repo Cream Polish is made from a blend of premium grade silicone fluids and premium grade Carnauba wax for a high-gloss protective shine. It is safe for use on all automotive paint.

Use Repo Extra Cut Cream Polish for rejuvenating dull and faded paintwork.

Features & Benefits
Improves visual appearance – Provides a high-gloss shine
Premium Carnauba Wax – For outstanding protection
Easy on, easy off.
Safe for all automotive paint surfaces including clear coats.
Rejuvenates and restores paint colour and shine
For use on all automotive paint surfaces including clear coats.

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