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CRC Penetr8 freeze off

CRC Penetr8 freeze off

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Aerosol 400 ml

CRC Penetr8 Freeze Off is an industrial strength, low viscosity, rust penetrating lubricant with a unique freezing effect designed to loosen and free seized, bound or frozen fasteners quicker and more effectively than conventional penetrants. It immediately drops the temperature of the treated area to crack the surface allowing the high purity penetrant to reach deeper and work faster.

CRC Penetr8 Freeze Off quickly permeates rust, scale, gum, grease and corrosion with a low surface tension formula. It creeps into cracks, seams, threads and joints with greater efficiency and leaves a thin non-drying colourless film with outstanding lubrication and corrosion inhibiting properties.

CRC Penetr8 Freeze Off eases the disassembly of plant machinery, tools and equipment for routine maintenance and emergency repairs. This rust penetrating lubricant outperforms the competition in penetration, speed and corrosion resistance as verified by independent tests.

Features & Benefits
Extreme Penetrating Action – Specially formulated rust penetrating lubricant, dissolving varnishes and gums
Freezing Effect – Penetrates deeper and works faster
Improves Performance and Operating Efficiency – Loosens rusted and corroded nuts, bolts, couplings, fittings, hinges and frozen components
Outperforms the Competition – As verified by independent tests
Corrosion Inhibiting – Lubricating residue prevents further corrosion
Safe on metals and most plastics, rubbers and paints
Contains No Known Ozone Depleting Chemicals
Ideal for use in smaller components.
Recommended for use on nuts and bolts, pins, screws, bushings, clips, hinges, snaps, lugs, caps, locks, washers and sliding mechanisms.
Can also be used for cleaning concrete tools and rusted surfaces of moulds, dies and heavy tools and for softening or removing carbon deposits.
Ideal for use in plumbing, garages, piping, construction, machine shops, heavy industry, mining.

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