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CRC Nu-Vu windscreen cleaner

CRC Nu-Vu windscreen cleaner

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NV-3 500ml bottle
CRC Nu-Vu’s unique formula removes insects, road film, dirt & grime from windscreens, reduces headlight glare and prevents webbing and fogging. CRC Nu-Vu gives an unrestricted road vision both inside and outside the vehicle – It cleans and demists windscreens and windows.

CRC Nu-Vu can be used in your windscreen washer for a streak-free, crystal clear windscreen or applied directly onto the windscreen using the CRC Nu-Vu Demisting Cloth. Using CRC Nu-Vu on the inside of windscreens prevents the glass from fogging.

CRC Nu-Vu is available in two consumer pack sizes, in a Demisting Cloth form, as well as a 5 litre trade pack.

Pack Options :

NV 1 – One Shot Concentrate (60ml) – A single application designed and packaged to treat a full washer bottle.
NV 3 – 4:1 mix (500ml) – A traditionally packed product for 1 part to 4 addition to the washer water.
NV 5 – De Mist Cloth – A unique cloth impregnated with CRC Nu-Vu for removing and preventing mist build up on the inside of windscreens and windows. Great on mirrors, glasses and goggles too.
NV 6 – 4:1 (5 Litre) Trade Pack
Features & Benefits

Removes insects, road film, dirt & grime.
Reduces headlight glare, prevents webbing and fogging
Gives unrestricted road vision both inside and outside the vehicle
Cleans and demists windscreens, windows and mirrors
Crystal clear windscreens – Improved visibility due to smear and streak-free formula
Helps smooth the wiper blade action
Ideal for use all year round

Suitable for all automotive windscreens, windows and mirrors.

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