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CRC Nickel Anti-Seize & Lubricating Compound

CRC Nickel Anti-Seize & Lubricating Compound

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Tube 75 ml

CRC Nickel Anti-Seize and Lubricating Compound is a nickel-based formulation for all metals, especially stainless steel. It is free of copper, lead, sulphides and chlorides. This premium high temperature lubricant protects metal-to-metal applications from seizing and galling caused by high temperatures, heavy loads, vibration, chemicals and corrosion. It is safe for use with most chemicals that are unstable with copper. Nickel Anti-Seize has extremely high temperature capabilities and excellent chemical resistance.

Regular use of Nickel Anti-Seize will increase performance and prolong equipment life.

Features & Benefits
For all metals, especially stainless steel.
Copper-free formulation ─ For use where a clean, chemically inert and stable lubricant is required
Extremely high temperature resistance ─ Protects parts up to 1315ºC
Electrically conductive ─ Does not insulate and interrupt current flow.
Good choice for use on soft metal applications ─ Does not compromise integrity of soft metals.
Safe for use on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
Will not harden ─ Heat aging won’t affect lubricity of product.
Resistant to mild detergents & alkaline wash ─ Protects against rust and corrosion.
Facilitates fast & easy disassembly ─ Saves time in taking apart components.
Minimal VOC content ─ Contains negligible amounts of volatile organic compounds which cause ground smog.
Contains no known ozone depleting chemicals ─ Offers effective performance while complying with the EPA regulations on the use of ozone depleting chemicals.
Aerosol Includes Permastraw™ Dual-Action Spray System – One piece actuator with two-way spray that ensures that straw stays in place.
Meets MIL-PRF-907E Military Specification
MPI Approval C12 (All animal product except dairy)

To lubricate fittings, bushings, flanges, headers, nuts, screws, studs, threaded surfaces, pipes, plugs, and manifolds to prevent seizing and galling of surfaces.
Recommended to lubricate metal-to-metal applications where a clean, chemically inert, copper-free formulation is necessary, especially when resistance to corrosive acidic and caustic solutions is required. Will not poison catalyst beds, reaction chambers, or special alloy fittings.

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