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CRC Mechanix Orange Hand Cleaner

CRC Mechanix Orange Hand Cleaner

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Pump Bottle 4 litre

CRC Mechanix Orange Hand Cleaner is a powerful citrus-based hand cleaner formulated with natural d-Limonene for quick and effective removal of toughest soils. Fortified with high-quality fine-grade pumice and conditioning agents it provides serious scrubbing power and leaves hands clean and fresh. The pH balanced formula is gentle to hands and will not dry out skin.

Features & Benefits
Powerful natural citrus cleaning – Fresh citrus-scent hands feel clean and fresh
Safe biodegradable formula, pH balanced, contains no harsh solvents – Gentle on hands, will not dry out skin
Quickly and effectively removes toughest soils – Dirt, oil, grease, tar, ink, paint
Fortified with fine-grade pumice – For serious scrubbing power and deep cleaning
Cleans away everything that soap leaves behind
Also recommended for cleaning grubby surfaces, equipment and work clothing
Working clothing

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