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CRC Maniseal exaust cement

CRC Maniseal exaust cement

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145g tube

CRC Maniseal Exhaust Cement is a sodium silicate based sealer for mufflers and tailpipes that resists high temperatures. It expands and sets when heated, ensuring a perfect seal against carbon monoxide and other noxious fumes.

CRC Maniseal BROWN Exhaust Cement is a sealing and gasketing compound designed exclusively for use in assembly of Automotive Exhaust Systems.

Features & Benefits

Bridges gaps and imperfections in exhaust clamping areas
Seals out poisonous fumes
High temperature resistance – Up to 300°C
Contains no asbestos
Cleans up in water
Ready to use – No mixing required, easy to use
Recommended for mufflers, tailpipes, joints, catalytic converters.
At the Manifold: Some modern cars do not have manifold gaskets. CRC Maniseal takes the place of a gasket.
At the Exhaust Flange: CRC Maniseal spread between the faces and in the ‘V’ of the clamp makes a highly satisfactory seal.
At the Muffler: When the muffler is renewed and clamped in, the annoyance of a leak and subsequent waste of time will be avoided if CRC Maniseal is smeared over the pipes before fitting.
Industrial Use: Kiln Repairs – thoroughly wet damaged area, force CRC Maniseal into cracks, gaps etc and smooth over with fingers.

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