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CRC Garage Door Lube

CRC Garage Door Lube

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CRC Garage Door Lube is a high performance synthetic lubricant specifically formulated for use on all garage doors and components. It makes regular maintenance an easy no-mess task. It does not attract dust or clog up tracks and will not freeze in any weather conditions all year round.

CRC Garage Door Lube eliminates annoying squeaks and noises by reducing stress on components, extends the operational life span of any garage door system and reduces the need for expensive repairs. Regular use ensures smooth operation and protects from wear and corrosion.

Features & Benefits
Suitable for all garage door designs and components – Rolling doors, tilting doors, sectional doors, industrial rolling doors
Eliminates squeaking and sticking – For smooth operation
Does not attract dust or clog up tracks
Leave no mess – No clean up required
Corrosion protection – For a long life span
Safe for use on all metal and plastic components
Suitable in all weather conditions
Suitable for lubricating guide tracks, hinges, springs, locks, chains, pulleys, rollers

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