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Ados Ultra high strength adhesive

Ados Ultra high strength adhesive

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550 ml Can

ADHESIVE/STRENGTH/BOND – ADOS UHS is an ultra high strength contact adhesive which gives an immediate and permanent bond on a wide variety of surfaces. It is formulated to give low soak, cure fast, dry clear and be non-staining.
It has high heat resistance and is suitable on porous and non-porous surfaces making it ideal for a wide variety of
applications, where permanent, high strength bonds are essential. ADOS UHS uses a unique resin system making it resistant to breakdown from plasticiser migration.
ADOS UHS aerosol is fitted with a variable nozzle, which allows controlled, accurate spraying, reducing product wastage and limiting over-spray.

Features & Benefits
Ultra High Strength – Instant Permanent Contact Bond
High Heat Resistance – Up to 75°C
Plasticiser Safe – Resistant to breakdown from plasticiser migration
Easy to Use – No clamping required
Variable Nozzle – Allows controlled, accurate spraying and a variable spray width
Bonding porous & non-porous surfaces
Wood, metal, concrete, flooring (cork tiles, carpet, linoleum, hardwood, laminate),
some plastics, particle board, foam
It is not suitable for use on polystyrene


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