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ADOS Stuff Off Adhesive Remover

ADOS Stuff Off Adhesive Remover

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ADOS Stuff Off – gets stuff off!

A powerful remover that is designed to soften or dissolve most adhesives and paints as well as uncured laminating resins and uncured sealants.

The gel formula clings to the surface making it also ideal for vertical applications.

It also removes paint spills, graffiti, inks and grease.

Features and Benefits:

Ideal for use on: Metal, Wood, Fabric, Carpet, Stone, Brick, Steel
Effectively removes: Adhesives, Paints, Graffiti, Inks, Resins, Grease, Uncured sealants

Quickly and easily removes:
• Overspray from paint and adhesive spray application
• Excess adhesive on joins or from messy application
• Adhesive spills and accidents
• Paint spills and excessive application or mistakes on many surfaces
• Paints spills on carpet to allow picking off and remediation
• Adhesive spills on carpet to allow picking off and remediation
• Excessive or incorrectly applied uncured sealants
• Excess or oozing laminating adhesive
• Great at removing general soils and contaminants like inks and greases
• Nasty and expensive graffiti and scuff marks


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