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Ados Body Filler

Ados Body Filler

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500ml CAN

ADOS Body Filler is a versatile medium weight filler specially formulated for general automotive filling. It fills dents, chips, scrapes, cracks, and rust holes.
ADOS Body Fillers’ ease of sanding and fairing gives an extremely high quality finish.

ADOS Body Filler has very strong adhesion qualities with a smooth creamy texture and super strength. The special formulation will prevent sagging and pin-holing.

ADOS Body Filler supersedes other filler compounds because there is no shrinkage. Curing is created by a chemical reaction brought about by the addition of the hardener and does not depend on solvent evaporation or air drying. It is compatible with basecoat/clearcoat systems eliminating staining and/or bleeding of base coat.

Features & Benefits
Specially formulated for automotive filling
High quality finish on a variety of surfaces – car bodies, boats, trailers, caravans.
Quickly and easily fills dents, scrapes, chips, cracks, and rust holes.
Can be sanded, filed and painted
Very strong adhesive qualities
Permanently durable
Good featheredging
Negligible in-can deterioration
A smooth creamy texture and super strength
Adheres well to the surface while being applied, excellent fairing qualities
Cures tack free
Compatible with basecoat/clearcoat systems, eliminating staining and/or bleeding of basecoat.
An all purpose, versatile panel filler suitable for a broad range of applications and projects.
Ideal for use on metal, fibreglass, most plastics, wood, masonry etc
Specially formulated for automotive filling
A quality panel filler for all repairs – fills dents, scrapes, chips and rust holes


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